The D.A. Ranch

Once one of the largest cattle ranches around, the D.A.Ranch has been a fixture in Northern Arizona since the 1900’s.  Situated around a set of four springs that bubble forth at 68 degrees year round, the fertile soil comes from the adjacent shield volcano. In 2002 the Petznick family purchased the D.A.Ranch. They were looking for a gathering place for the holidays, and other family occasions. They planted grapes with the help of Eric Glomski of nearby Page Springs Cellars. The winery has since transitioned from making small private label batches for friends into an attraction garnering state wide attention.

Located in the heart of the Verde Valley, the D.A.Ranch has become a fixture for weddings and special events.  So much so that visits or tours of any kind are available by appointment only. Ten miles from Sedona, they are miles away from the high desert Red Rocks.  Surrounded by trees, and with several gorgeous views, the D.A.Ranch is truly a destination worth traveling for.

With a relaxed, easy atmosphere, the barn provides a smooth place to relax and sip some of the most forward thinking wines around.  The Petznick family has long been in the agriculture business here in Arizona, and they’ve used this winery as an opportunity to focus on the three tenets of sustainable agriculture: Economic Viability, Social Responsibility, and Environmental Soundness.  

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