Verde Valley in Central Arizona Wineries – Who Would Have Thought

Verde Valley Wine Trail WineriesA Delicious Discovery of Wineries Await You

People have commented business selling wine refrigerators should be closer to the infamous regions of the United States like Napa Valley, known for their wineries. The fact of the matter is the Desert Southwest is home to more than just the Grand Canyon. A wide variety of award-winning wines can be discovered right here in the great State of Arizona.

The Spanish missionaries of the 1700’s were the first “Arizonans” to start producing wine in the region. Wineries scattered here and there survived through the years, but in the 1970’s, wine cultivation in Arizona begin to flourish as an industry. Currently, there are over 30 vintners actively culturing grapes in the great state of Arizona and the industry, while young, is growing fast. One of the largest vegetative zones in Arizona are the high desert grasslands with elevations ranging from 4,000 to 5,000 feet. It is in this elevation zone where most of the wineries in the state are established.


There are three primary wine growing zones in the state. One of the zones is in the center of Arizona and many of the wineries and tasting rooms in this region call the Verde Valley their home. The towns of Cottonwood, Clarkdale, Cornville, Page Springs, Jerome, and Sedona all have stops along the Wine Trail.

Arizona’s high desert grassland, hot daytime temperatures and cooler nights make for “happy” grapes. The climate and soils in the wine growing regions of Arizona are similar to regions around the world like southeastern Australia, Spain, and southern France. The Arizona Wine Growers Association (AWGA) also views the Arizona wine growing region as similar to the area located in Paso Robles, California.

The Verde Valley Wine Trail allows anyone to make a day trip to the region for a delicious adventure, discovering Arizona wines. To tour the region, take Interstate 17 north from Phoenix and then follow State Highway 179 to Sedona. Your other option is to take Highway 260 off of Interstate 17 at Camp Verde. To download a copy of our Wine Trail map, please visit this page.

Tips for a Successful Verde Valley Wine Trail Experience

Invest in a Carriage Box

For people who intend to purchase multiple bottles of wine, an empty box to carry them back home will come in handy. Carriage boxes allow one to carry several bottles safely, especially when driving on rough roads.

Have a Designated Driver

Small samplings of wine will quickly add up as the day progresses. Having a designated driver will lower the risk of accidents. Alternatively, one can hire one of the many tour companies who operate around the region to be on the safe side. Please visit this page for our suggestions.

Be Polite and Calm

It is important to remain calm and polite when dealing with the personnel at a tasting room. Sometimes bus tours can cause the wait staff to be very busy, but they will ensure you have great time, regardless of the wait.

Think Outside the Box

Going on a wine trail visit provides an opportunity to sample new brands. Visitors should not limit themselves to their regular favorites; instead, try other regional specialties. You might just be surprised when you a find a new favorite.

Invest in a Portable Cooler

The temperatures inside a car will tamper with the taste and quality of your wine purchase. Carrying a portable freezer or cooler will help to preserve the quality of your wine.

Stay Hydrated

Dehydration can compromise your experience. Drinking water throughout your tour will keep you hydrated in-between wineries and tasting rooms. Many of the tasting rooms offer food, and have some wonderful pairing menus to order from.

Visiting the Verde Valley Wine Trail is one of the best ways to create delicious memories.


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