Vogue Names Verde Valley

Vogue magazine just listed the Verde Valley as the number one place to visit outside of Napa.  Imagine our surprise!

Expect more visitors as this article introduces people to the fact that we already know. Verde Valley is home to amazing wine!  From our rich soil to our diverse grapes and eccentric neighbors. The Verde Valley is home to some of the best wine country in the united states.   Our local Vinters have worked hard to bring home distinctions from all over the globe.  Their hard work is paying off, big time.

Below is the link to the Vogue article naming the Verde Valley as the number one burgeoning wine region outside of Napa.  From the article: “…if it’s big reds you’re after, check out any of the wineries along the Verde Valley Wine Trail. On top of it all, the genius part about visiting Verde Valley is its proximity to Sedona, home to some of the country’s top-rated spas.”

Quite spectacular!!! We  Love our AZ wine and now, so will everybody else. But don’t take OUR word for it:

Check out the whole article HERE


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