Wine and Cheese Parties Are Positively Delicious!

Wine and CheeseEat, Drink and Be Merry

If there is one thing we all love, I think we can all agree it would be food. In many cultures around the world food is a very important aspect of life with special occasions and food intertwined with each other. Food is a social and fundamental part of society. Face it going to dinner with a friend is much more fun than eating dinner alone.

Perhaps that is why dinner parties are such a genius idea, the notion of a group of people getting together to share a meal as well as stimulating conversation while sipping a glorious wine is nothing short of sublime. Putting together such a gathering of companions does not need to be a daunting task, which often seems to be one of the main reasons many people do not host as many soirees as they would like. A much simpler wine and cheese party can give the same jovial atmosphere as a dinner party with less work, less expense and above all less stress on the host or hostess.

Not much is required for having a wine and cheese party compared to holding a dinner party. Decor can be relatively simple and often works best as such. Fancy plates and glasses are not obligatory either.

Serving It Up!

While it is important to make sure that you have proper wine glasses, do not go out and buy glasses just for the occasion. Red wines tend to be served in a larger bowl style glass than whites because of their bigger bouquets, but many wine glass companies nowadays manufacture a more universal wine glass which is suitable for both reds and whites. Don’t feel obliged to buy red wine glasses if you only drink white and vice versa because if you would only get use out of them occasionally when you had an event like a wine and cheese party it is not worth the expense.

Plates are much the same as wine glasses. If you do not plan on throwing many events, it is not worth the expensive of going out and purchasing small serving or even mingling plates. Mingling plates are special plates that have a hole in one side to side in a wine glass so that while a person is eating and drinking they do not have to worry about balancing their glass or setting it down somewhere.

Instead you can opt for a much less expensive yet still fashionable idea of cocktail napkins. Go to your local party store and pick up a variety of small cocktail napkins in different colors and patterns. Using a variety of cocktail napkins not only is less expensive but also means you can color coordinate!

Popper Pairings

The most important part of a wine and cheese night is of course the wine and cheese! It is important to pair the two as best as possible, even if neither you nor your guests are sommeliers. Wine and cheese from the same regions go well together, but they don’t need to be served that way. Some of the most basic and most popular pairings for wine and cheese are:

  • Brie with Merlot, Champagne or a Sweet Sherry
  • Camembert with Chenin Blanc or Cabernet
  • Sharp Cheddar with Cabernet, Sauvignon Blanc or Rioja
  • Cream Cheese with White Zinfandel
  • Muenster with Beaujolais or Zinfandel
  • Roquefort with Tawny Port
  • Swiss with Gewurztraminer

Having a wine and cheese party is very simple, inexpensive and just as enjoyable as a full on dinner party! Don’t stress if you don’t have the right sort of glasses or plates, these parties should be fun!

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